An evening in a beautiful Community Garden in the Centre of The Hague, where neighbourhood people have made delicious foods from all across the world and Kirsten Notten explaines about Sustainability & Storytelling. For centuries we have told ourselves that mankind rules the world, that the animals and all nature are here to serve us. If we want to change the way we handle our world, we need to change our minds. And if we want to change our minds, we need to change the stories we tell ourselves.

Kirsten will explore in this DISCxTALK three dimensions of storytelling she uses in her work as a professional storyteller for organisations & communities.

Kirsten Notten is a storyteller for organisations. Trained as a philosopher and storyteller, she worked years for the government. Now she listens to the personal stories of inhabitants to make space for daily life in policy.

Adres: Spinozastraat 38, 2515 LT Den Haag Zuid-Holland

Datum: 24-05-2019

Van: 18:00 tot 21:00

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